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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Blogpost 4

Critical Reflection on Learning in the Course
Hello guys! We have reached the end of the COM150 module. Thinking back to my first blogpost, I mentioned that I would like to achieve 2 goals. 1. To understand and decode others’ messages in as many perspective as I can in the shortest amount of time, before my body/emotion takes over my mind, and 2. To broaden my perspective and learn with an open heart by contributing as much as I could.

I can now proudly say that I have achieved my goals that I have set out for myself! I am now able to step back and apply the 6 seconds model during my SEEMS’s SEP150 module which requires much patience and hard work. There were times when I wanted to give up, times where I was so angry with my groupmates but I didn’t let my emotions take over me. This is when I apply the 6 seconds model by slowing myself down and think about what could happen if I were to respond in a specific way. I would then think about the reasons for the actions/words that came from my teammates. Through that, I was then able to broaden my perspective and absorb more. However, I believe I will need to practice and make it into a habit, otherwise soon after I will neglect this important model.

In this COM150 module, we had a project that required us to solve a problem using what we have learnt in these 4 months. Through this project, I have learnt a few things, mainly how to work in a big group. We may think that by working in a big group, it is beneficial to us as workload could be lesser. That may be the case, but have you ever thought about the disadvantages of working in big groups? Being in a group with members from different course is already a problem, much less with 5 people. This means that our timing that we are available would clash, and it was hard for us to agree on a timing to have a meeting. Finding time for meetings were difficult, and this causes our aim for the week to be delayed. For example, if we aim to finalise the plot of the video by Wednesday, it could be delayed due to the workload of the other modules, resulting in a post-pone of meeting to discuss the plot. Therefore, more often than not, we had to have meetings through our phones/ computers. Instead of meeting up to discuss about our direction of the assignments, we discussed it through our chat group. Although it takes a lot of time as we have to wait for each other's reply, we still managed to get things done at the end of the day. 

Also, with so many members in a group, the members tend to get shadowed over those that are more outspoken with their views and ideas. People start to get left out, and their ideas didn’t carry any weight in the group. Thankfully, my group members will ask from time to time about the ideas that the soft-spoken members have.

Through this module, there are few things that I took away. During the first half of the module, we touched on many topics about understanding others as well as ourselves, and it was through those, that I realised that I don't know myself as much as I think I know. Also, I learnt that we should always research on the culture that a foreign land has before going overseas, even if we have an impression of what their culture is. Cultures are important as they are the roots of the people which I need to respect. Lastly, I learnt that a lot of compromises and communication has to be made within a group. It is especially so, when working im a big group. about compromises between my group members.

Previously, I felt that this module was redundant as I took it before while I was in Polytechnic. I was also able to exempt this module as I scored an A. However, throughout this time, I have learnt so much from Hwee Hoon and Brad. I remember making the choice of trying out the first week just like what my supervisor advised me to as I could still drop out without any charges. However, after attending the first 2 lessons, I was engaged with how Hwee Hoon was giving out her lessons and I really enjoyed it. I decided to stay on as I know I would be able to learn much more from her.  She taught me many things, but the most important one is she encourages us to think critically and be more open to others. Then I had Brad after the first half of the module, I remember I was sad that Hwee Hoon was going to be replaced as I stayed in the course for her. But, Brad was just as good, as I could learn more about the different cultures when he shared with us his personal stories. His passion was overwhelming and I look forward to every of his lessons. I love his outgoing style and teaching with application and more applications rather than slides.
Overall, I felt that module is very important as it equips me with many skills such as interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills, leadership skills and presentation skills. Through the project presentation that we had, I was able to learn from my mistakes and improve on it for the other presentation that I will make in the future. It was also a refresher to be a better team-player within the project. Thank you so much to both of you, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

(Edited on 20 August 2017)


  1. Thank you, Eugene, for this reflection on your learning in the module. You mention in the opening paragraphs the goals that you had set for yourself and your opinion that you had achieved these.

    You detail the 'control' issue in terms of how you developed a greater ability to maintain control of yourself "before your body/emotion takes over"? How was this applied when confronted by something you didn't like about those around you.

    What would make that assertion and the one about broadening your perspective more convincing is an explanation of how each of these had happened. What did you do through during the term that actually allowed you to have this sense of more emotional control? How did you gain such control via the Six Seconds model? What led to better awareness?

    You provide a lot more detail regarding your team's group work. I saw some of that fine effort in action in terms of the various products: the video, the storyboard and the final presentation.

    It would be telling for this reflection if you had explained your team's journey in more detail: What made the difference? How did the group finally get things done? What did you learn about yourself in the process?

    Whatever the case, your team eventually achieved so much. I appreciate the accolades for Hween Hoon and myself, but it was your great effort this term that this is all about.

    I can only wish you the best as your learning journey continues!

  2. Thanks for the revision, Eugene! This is a much improved post now!